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R.D.S = Razzu's Daily Sketches!!

Sunday. 9.26.10 2:29 pm
It's been three years since my last weblog entry on NuTang, and who knows that entry would be my last entry in years. I blogged about internship and here I am now, no longer a student, but a designer. So many things happened in life - each of them taught me life, and made me what I am now. This is late, but the creative director in the place i worked (as an intern, 3 years ago) said that what really caught her attention was the comic blog. Yes, i put this NuTang comic blog inside my design portfolio, as my journal. xD She visited the site too. :p

I saw my message box blinking on the nutang bar on top, and saw my friends' messages in 2007. Dilated sent me a message asking where did I go, and i just read that few minutes ago. So sorry. >_< I smiled reading all my entries and comments from all of you.

Thank you, NuTang. Thank you so much for bringing colours to my life. I don't know whether I'll come back often to blog - I really can't promise that. So perhaps this is a goodbye, but it might be a new beginning.


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Winner doodles
Thursday. 5.17.07 3:48 pm
Remember this contest? Yeah i know it's a loooooooong long time ago and i've been busy like hell in these few months... So many things happened, from projects, friend matters and my internship (will start working this following monday! Yay)!

Sorry for the long wait, finally i can draw again so prepare for trouble a new comic soon! >D

1st winner is already posted in the old thread. Chekkit. Now starting from the second winner!




-winner 5 : silver-dot-; no photo yet.


Note for the winners : you can save it on your computer, put it in your blog/myspace/etc, use it as avatar, etc... It's not necessary to credit me but i'd be glad if you can. :D

I'm doing so much fun drawing all these faces... The easiest face to doodle is Kkama67, and the most difficult one is Middaymoon! Why? Because his picture moves, hehe. I just realised that he's the only guy that won this contest. ^^; I'm sorry Middaymoon, if you're not satisfied can you send me another photo? I'll try to redraw it.

I might be doing this kind of contest again, but not this month.

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Need help...
Friday. 3.23.07 1:06 pm
I need to do a survey about time travel for my installation art project. I need your help to fill >>THIS SURVEY<< . There's only two simple questions so that should be easy. =] Thank you very much nutangers. >___<

Plugs : KkaMA67, LostSoul13, frostbitten, ikimashokie, Silver-dot-, middaymoon, Katrina, invisible, Dilated, Nuttz, renaye, helloiloveyou.

Oh, and welcome to Nutang, Spring! =D She's my highschool friend. I invited her few months ago and this month she's in holiday, so finally she activates her nutang blog and spends time to draw.


Yes people. Another comic blog. So Nutang has two comic bloggers! More entries and variation to read! =]

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Skirt or Jeans?
Sunday. 3.11.07 12:26 pm
Which one do you prefer? I prefer Jeans myself. XD Razzly + t-shirt + jeans + red adidas watch = best friend!

This is my baby :

I bought it with my big bro when he came to Singapore. So i have this red watch, white one for him, and blue for my younger bro. Hahaha I bet we look like power rangers when we gather around with those watches on our wrist. But it's my fave watch ever! =] I prefer sporty things more than something feminine (even if i suck at sports... T_______T).

Sorry for not updating this blog regularly. Well, if you complain about this look at my other blog, because it's much more abandoned. ^^; I've been idling in msn but it's just that i don't have any time to draw since the projects are (once again) killing me. I'm sorry and thank you for all of you who still come and visit me, i really thank you all. T____T *hugs* Hope things will be better in May. I can't promise i'll update my blog regularly on March or April because there's new assignments at school plus design journal and essay submissions. Omg i felt homesick. I really want to go back to elementary school when i don't have to worry about deadlines and anything else. *cries*

For LostSoul13 and the winners... Please give me sometime for the drawings. I'm working on all of them and i'll post them all together.

Oh, about Terence... I'll give a short report since some of you ask about him. =] Thanks for all of you who concern about him. I'll let him know!

After the accident he's unconscious for six days in ICU and after that he stays in hospital about two weeks. He gradually recovers, but his right ear is damaged and it affect his nerves. He has some memory loss, but i am happy he remembers me! Even though he's sick he's still as funny as ever... He went home few days ago but has to be absent from school for some time, and probably we won't see him at school this year... But you should see how many friends he has! Terence is very sociable and friendly to everyone, so a lot of groups of friends keep visiting him everyday when he was in the hospital.

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