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R.D.S = Razzu's Daily Sketches!!

I'm not a stalker T___T
Monday, October 30, 2006

They ran away...

Btw, thanks for the positive response, guys! ^_^

Loves : katrina, kuri, truewindrune, sylphie, dave, insanefishy, ryan444123, silver-dot, lazypuppy, ikimashokie, tsukiko, middaymoon.

They have great blogs! Visit them too. \^o^/

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Use them if you want~ XD


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IKEA is the best store in the entire universe...for clothing and stuff. X_D
» ryan444123 on 2006-10-29 12:47:33

Aww... :
» InsaneFishy on 2006-10-29 12:48:28

lol, that's hilarious. Don't worry, no need to justify your stalking of little boys habit.
» dave on 2006-10-29 12:51:09

hehe...how cute :)

I probably would have followed them around as well...OOOH...I love Ikea too! It's a shame they don't have them in Denver :(
» lazypuppy on 2006-10-29 12:53:25

Awww! I've seen ubercute lil kids that I follow around stores and wave at. Most of the time they stare at me like I'm a monster, though. :/
» ikimashokie on 2006-10-29 01:03:00

thanks!! ^-^
@ryan444123 : hehe i just love ikea for its room decoration. Feels like i want to re-decorate all the things in my room! XD

@insanefishy : aww back? XD

@dave : lol... i'm not a stalkerrr... ;___; He's just too cute.

@lazypuppy : yay, so following him is normal, right? XD Or at least, it's not only me who will do that?

@ikimashokie : monster?? ^^;;;; how come? XD
» razzly on 2006-10-29 01:08:38

same here
hahaha I have the same symdrome it seems, same babaies are sooo cute though! I like the ones with big eyes... omg it makes me sound like some sort of paedopjile (sp?) ==;;;

But its not my faults! they're too cute!
I'm loving the short manga doodles, they're hilarious^^, you should keep it up^^.
But if these are only random sketches... O_O I must see your usual work... I bet they're amazing.... O_O;
» Tsukiko on 2006-10-29 01:31:00

odd woman out
I loved the story, sooo funny! I can't relate though since I have a strong dislike for babies and kids in general. XD You're too sweet and funny Razzly!
» Katrina on 2006-10-29 01:35:14

hahaha... there goes ani unable to spell again! she means phaedophile ^^;; gosh soooo cute!!! *heart* cant wait for more!!!!!


» Kuri on 2006-10-29 02:06:41

Plus you gotta rember IKEA=Stle and Affordable. And thats from a dude.
» ryan444123 on 2006-10-29 03:57:20

So cute! XD I just can't resist little babes...they're so adowabwo(adorable). You are a fantastic artist!
» Silver-dot- on 2006-10-29 04:19:38

congrats on top 5 popular post! and you're so new!!

i envy you. heh
» middaymoon on 2006-10-29 04:28:51

Razzuuuuu-chan!! Hahaha. You're new comic is so cute. Hahaha. XD I don't like kids in general but once in a while, I get to see uberly cute ones. XD But they don't like me.
» truewindrune on 2006-10-29 10:51:20

Razz~Your comic is awesome!!! I personally don't like IKEA, but it's still funny. That kid was adorable. =3

Keep it up!
» Sylphie on 2006-10-29 11:51:37

Ani : Thanks thanks! XD I love doodling, but it takes me a lot of time to make the finished artwork, that's why you seldom see it. XD

Katrina : hahaha thanks hun~ XD You don't like kids and babies? O_O

Kuri : wait for moreee~ XD

ryan444123 : you really like ikea, don't you? =D

silver-dot : hehehe thanks. XD

middaymoon : thankies~! ^-^ I was also surprised when i saw my avatar on the popular post! O_O

truewindrune : They don't like you? Why?? XD I think you're the type of person that children will like.

sylphie : yes yes he was very adorable. XD
» razzly on 2006-10-30 12:29:57

Yeah it means pretty in Japanese! ^^ Yeah the lines are jagged because I accidently used pencil instead of brushes for those. >.< The same goes for my avatar, which I'll fix later. ^.^
» Kirei on 2006-10-30 02:41:49

yeah it's true...
I don't like babies, kids and most pre-teens in general. Except for the people in SnS I tend to ignore others. There was this time at work I had to "baby-sit" a kid while her mom had an interview...everyone told me I was a natural. No I just wanted the kid to sit down, shut up and let me do my work in peace. XD
» Katrina on 2006-10-30 11:55:25

I try to avoid kids
But sometimes they can just be too cute. I swear their cuteness is to draw you in. Its a trap! :)
» LostSoul13 on 2006-10-31 12:53:29

It's pedophile
at least it is in the US.. not sure about anywhere else though... regardless of how you spell it.. a perv is a perv is a perv.... *shudders* Love your cartoons!
» Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan on 2006-10-31 02:24:37

Razzly was in a swedish shop X3 Razzly is on nutang X3 Razzly is everywhere! Hurray! *tackle glomps*

That comic is so adorable X3
» teal on 2006-10-31 04:07:28

eh? when was razzly in a swedish shop? XDXD
» truewindrune on 2006-10-31 04:11:27

lol~ i knew you were a singaporean when i read your comic lol!

» merrick on 2006-10-31 06:55:58

lostsoul13 : They're just too cute that i'm tempted to pinch their cheeks. XDXD

Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan : thank you! =3

Teal : Thank you! X3 Am i a doraemon ('coz razzly is everywhere)? ^^;;

Truewindrune : IKEA is a swedish shop, but they opens in a lot of countries. =D

merrick : i stayed in singapore but i'm indonesian. XD
» razzly on 2006-10-31 01:13:07

super cool comic. i like ikea myself.
» heatherxwho on 2006-11-02 12:47:40

ahahahahaha hilarious.
» kathyjane on 2006-11-03 10:15:00

I bet that baby was really cute. I would suggest no more stalking though from now on! LOL! Just kidding. Maybe make your presence known from the begining or take the little sister behind the tall furniture and knock the crap out of her. LOL!
» kkama67 on 2006-11-05 11:51:02

These comics are adorable.
» alexsedotcx on 2006-11-05 11:58:54

Awww that's soo sad! They left u behind!
Luv your comic! =)
» frostbitten on 2007-04-08 11:36:29

haha... if i were the sister, i won't take u as a stalker ...
» renaye on 2007-04-09 06:58:29

aha, i love that. little kids are, indeed, adorable. and what else is there to do in a department store but stalk them?
» bananaface on 2007-04-11 12:32:21

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